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  For a long time I saw happiness as a huge banner (旗帜)across the finish line of a long race. I felt that only when I __1__like a tortoise believing that being slow and __2__ would win the race. At other times I would __3__ like a rabbit trying different side roads at a dangerous speed hoping to reach that banner a little faster. __4__,the banner was never any __5__.I finally decided one day to sit down and take a break. It was then that I saw my __6__ sitting beside me.

  It had been with me as I __7__ hard to support my family, as I played with my children and heard their __8__ and even when I was sick with my wife at my side looking after me. It had been with me as I raced towards that stupid banner. I just didn't have the __9__ to see it. There is an old Chinese proverb that says, “Tension is what you think you should be. __10__ is who you are.?Perhaps we all should stop our race towards the .__11__ life we think we should have and __12__ the life we have now. Happiness will never be found under some banner far away. It will be found in your own heart, soul and mind. It will be found when you __13__ that others love you just as you do. Don't be a tortoise or a rabbit when it comes to your happiness. Be a playful puppy and carry your stick of __14__ with you everywhere you go. __15__ yourself out of the race and realize that when it comes to love and happiness, you are already there.

  1. A.forgot B.missedsafe B.steady A.act B.runGenerally B.Graduallyclearer B.lowerhappiness B.goalstudied B.foughtlaughter B.complaintscourage B.chancewisdom D.strengthStress B.Relaxationreal B.perfecturful

  12. A.enjoy B.changerealize B.believesorrow B.responsibilityCarry B.Maker the store before an African American woman approached me and asked if I would help her return an item (商品). The item she had __1__but she had already received a similar one. The lady __2__ to exchange the item for something else in the store but she was told she needed an ID or the deal could not take place. I went to the __3__ with the woman so she could use my ID.The sales associate immediately started accusing her of asking the first __4__ person she saw to help her. Although that was __5__,not everyone is given the opportunity to __6__ an ID in this country.

  Then, we asked to speak with a manager, who explained that there was no __7__ to return the item without a receipt and then went on to say the woman could not __8__ she purchased the item.

  “ If I, a young white female, were to enter the store and request you to make an exchange without a receipt, I would not be __9__ the privilege—as I have proof from the past,” I said. He must have realized at that moment what he had done, because he __10__ to exchange the item.__11__ when the woman asked for my help, but __12__ in my head I asked myself, “Why not? What valid __13__ do I actually have?” I had none, so I helped her. __14__. The woman looked poor, but she __15__ the same treatment as anyone else did.

  1.A.purchased B.shownmanaged B.wantedcounter B.departmentfair B.familiarwrong B.trueleave B.payrequest B.place D.need answer B.proveordered B.asked. A.agreed B.preparedstruggled B.wondered A.totally B.graduallyfeelings B.goalsdesign B.coverdeserved B.requiredan Dream,which meant a job,a mortgage(按揭),credit cards, and success.I wanted it and worked towards it like everyone else, all of us __1__through a series of unhappy events, it all fell __2__. found myself homeless and alone.I had my truck and $56. I __3__ the countryside for some place I could rent for the __4__ possible amount.I came upon a shabby house four miles up a winding mountain road over the Potomac River in West Virginia.It was __5__, full of broken glass and rubbish.I found the owner, rented it,and cleared a corner to camp in.,but slowly, they started teaching me the __6__ur.They dropped off blankets,candles,and tools,and began __7____8__ American Dream—not the one of individual achievement but of neighbourliness.

  What I had believed in, all those things I thought were __9__ for a civilized life, were non­existent in this place.Up on the mountain, my most valuable possessions were my __10__ with my neighbours.

  Four years later, I moved back into __11__. __12__ their jobs and houses.I managed to rent a big enough house to __13__ a handful of people. There are four of us now in the house,but over time I've had nine people come in and move on to other places.We'd all be in __14__;it's about __15__y together.

  1.A.separately B.equallyoff B.apart.crossed B.leftfullest B.largestoccupied B.abandonedbenefit B.lessonsticking B.lookingswinging D.turningwild B.realunique B.expensivery

  10.A.cooperation B.relationshipsreality B.societyA.creating B.losingput in B.turn inyards B.shelterswhen B.what【要点综述】 本文是夹叙夹议文。作者通过自身的经历诠释了这样一个道理:我们经常认为只有取得1.D 由finish line of a long race可知作者认为人取得阶段性的成功才能真正感觉到幸福,故选D。 根据学生已知的龟兔赛跑的故事背景可知。作者希望像乌龟那样,靠沉稳赢得最终的比赛。所以应该选择slow的同义词,故选B。 根据下文提到“…like a rabbit trying different side roads…”可知,作者在其他时候,表现得像兔子一样,总愿意抄近路到达终点,故选A。 由下文“I began to see that…”可知,作者开始逐渐意识到……,故选B。 根据下文“I finally decided one day to…take a break.”C。 根据下文“Happiness will never be found under some banner far away.”可知,作者停下来休息时才发现,幸福就在身边,故选A。 根据下文hard to support my family可知,当作者努力工作养家的时候,幸福在他身边,故选D。 根据上文“…I played with my children…”可知作者与孩子们一起玩,感到幸福,听到的一定是快乐的笑声,故选A。  根据上文“…as I raced towards that stupid banner.”中的stupid 可推知,幸福一直在作者身边,只是作者没有智慧去发现这一点,故选C。 根据上文“Tension is what you think you should be.”可推知,此处应选与tension意思相对的relaxation, 故选B。 根据上下文的语意,可知作者以前总是追求自以为值得自己全力以赴去争取的某种完美的生活,所以此处应该是略带贬义的一种说法。故选B。 根据上文可知,我们应该停止追寻自以为完美的生活,所以,我们应该享受现在我们所拥有的生活。故选A。 根据上文作者得到启示:“当你意识到别人爱你,你A。 根据上文“Be a playful puppy…”可知,让我们做一只快乐的、爱玩耍的小狗,到处衔着你那根快乐的骨头,故选D。 根据文中多处提到的race可知,我们应该把自己从那个竞赛中解脱出来,故选D。【要点综述】 作者通过讲述在商店里帮助一位顾客的故事,说明了两个道理:第一,做 根据第二段中“…she purchased the item.”可知,她买的这件商品本来是为女儿买的。 因为女儿已经有了类似的东西,所以这位女士想换一件另外的商品。 manage to do sth是“成功做了某事”的意思。 作者决定帮助这位女士,于是和她一起走到商店的柜台处。4.D 参见下题的解析。 这位女士并不认识作者,所以属于随机行为。售货员的话符合事实。  在这个国家,毕竟不是所有的人都有机会获得身份证的。  下文“…then went on to say the woman could not…she purchased the item.”说明经理要设置退换商品 接着上面的话,经理顺水推舟说这位女士不能证明该商品是在这个店里买的。  “我”将不会被拒绝拥有这项特权。 从语境可知,经理意识到自己的言行不当,因此同意换商品。  根据句中but后面的内容可知,作者在那位女士请求帮助时,一开始也犹豫过。 但作者很快调整心态,扪心自问:“为什么不帮她,我有不帮她的正当理由吗?”  参见上题的解析。 从下文可知,这位女士看起来非常穷,售货员和经理的无礼行为可能与此有关。作者想要表达的是:我们不应该以貌取人(不能通过书的封皮确定一本书的质量)。  这位女士虽然看起来很穷,但她有资格和别人享受同等的待遇。C

  【要点综述】 本文是一篇夹叙夹议的文章。本文主题是关于美国梦的,讲述作者在遭遇一系列不幸后,在乡村的经历使其对美国梦有了深刻的认识。 考查副词辨析。根据本句中the same thing的提示可知,作者和其他人都在各自(separately)追逐同一个梦想。 考查副词辨析。根据前半部分“经历了不愉快的事件”以及后面一句话“‘我’发现自己无家可归、独身一人”可知,此处指作者的生活变得fall apart意为“破碎,土崩瓦解”。故选B项。 考查动词辨析。根据本句可知,作者在乡下寻找能租住的地方。search意为“寻找”,符合语境。 考查形容词最高级辨析。根据前一句“I had my truck and $56.”以及后面一句中“I came upon a shabby house…”可知,作者身上没有多少钱,所以要租最便宜的房子。故选D项。B 考查动词辨析。根据house的修饰词shabby和full of broken glass and rubbish可知,这幢房子没人居住,是被遗弃的。故选B项。 考查名词辨析。根据第三段最后一句可知,他们认为邻里间应友好相处,由此说明他们教作者的是邻里间相处的艺术(art)。 考查动词辨析。根据本句中chat可知,他们送来毛毯、蜡烛、工具之后继续留下来聊天。stick around意为“逗留,在 考查形容词辨析。根据第一段可知,作者理解的美国梦就是取得个人成就,而这里他们认为的梦想是邻里之间友好相处,因此是不同的。故选C项。 考查形容词辨析。根据第一段可知,作者之前认为的那些东西如工作、按揭、信贷、成功,是在文明生活中必须具备的,而在这个地方则完全不存在。与non­existent相对的是necessary。 考查名词辨析。根据第三段最后一…but of neighbourliness.”的提示可知,在这座山上,作者最有价值的财富便是与邻居间的关系。relationship关系。 考查名词辨析。根据第二段可知,作者在乡下居住;根据本句中的moved back可知,现在是回到城里。故选C项。 考查动词辨析。根据本句前半句的提示可知,许多人过着艰难的生活,说明他们失去了工作和家园。故选B项。 考查动词短语辨析。根据下文可知,作者租住的房子最初有4个人,后来又多达9个人,因此,作者租了一间足够大的房子,是为了收留更多的人。take in意为“收留”,符合语境。 考查名词辨析。如果不联合起来,作者和其他人就都会在收容所中。shelter收容所,庇护所。 考查连接词辨析。现在作者所信仰的“美国梦”是同舟共济,不是能为自己获得什么,而是如何通过共同努力让所有人都有收获。此处表示方式,所以用how。

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