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  My 14-year-old brother John dreamed of having a black woolen coat, for at that time this kind of coat was 31 with teenagers, but it could cost several hundred dollars. One day my brother and I went into a shop and saw a black woolen coat at the same time. The coat felt very soft, and it cost only $28. It was 32 but so nice. We looked at each other, saying nothing, but John’s eyes shone.

  John tried on the coat and 33 it at once. John wore the coat to school the next day happily and came home with a big 34 . “How do the kids like your coat?” I asked. “They love it,” he said. I started to call him “Lord (老爷) John”.

  Over the next few weeks, there seemed to be a 35 in John. He became more polite, more confident and more pleasing. He would 36 his classmates his pens; he would bring his father a cup of tea when he got home; he would 37 a blind man cross the road.

  When my mother talked about her son’s change with one of his teachers and wondered what caused it, he said, “It must be his 38 !” One day, in the library, my brother and I happened to meet a friend of my father’s, who had not seen us for a long time. John came up and shook hands with him like a 39 ! The friend said in surprise, “Are you John? You have changed so much!”

  What really changed John was his own attitude(态度). 40 you think you are a gentleman or a lady, you can become a perfect one.

  1.A. busy B. careful C. popular D. good

  2.A. dear B. cheap C. hard D. light

  3.A. sold B. kept C. held D. bought

  4.A. present B. smile C. problem D. cry

  5.A. message B. pain C. change D. fashion

  6.A. lend B. rent C. leave D. borrow

  7.A. make B. watch C. let D. help

  8.A. coat B. classmate C. friend D. brother

  9.A. businessman B. woman C. gentleman D. boy

  10.A. Until B. If C. Before D. Unless



  I have a friend named Monty Roberts who owns a horse ranch(牧马场).He has let me use his 36 to raise money for youth at risk programs.

  The last time I was there he told me his story.when he was young, his family is too 37 to have a house to live in.As a 38 , when he was in high school, he was asked to write a paper about 39 he wanted to be and do when he grew up.That night he wrote a seven-page paper describing his goal of 40 a horse ranch.He also drew a picture to show a 4,000-square-foot house that would sit on a beautiful farm.The next day he handed it in to his 41 .Two days later he received his paper back.On the front page was a large red F.Roberts asked, “Why did I receive an F?” He teacher said, “This is a(an) 42 dream for a young boy like you.Owning a horse ranch requires a lot of money.” Then the teacher added, “If you will rewrite this paper with a more realistic goal, I will reconsider your 43 .”

  The boy went home and thought about it for a 44 and hard time.He asked his father what he should do.His father said, “Look, son, you have to 45 your own mind on this.Finally, after sitting with it for a week, the boy turned in the same paper, making no 46 at all.He told his teacher “you could keep the F and I 47 keep my dream.

  Monty tell me this 48 because I am sitting in his 4,000-square-foot house in the middle of my 200-acre horse ranch.He said a lot of kids’s 49 can be stole.Don't let anyone steal your dreams.Follow your heart, no matter what. 50 he had enough gumption(毅力) not to give up my dream.

  11.A.name B.company C.ranch D.school

  12.A.small B.busy C.poor D.lazy

  13.A.present B.return C.punishment D.result

  14.A.what B.which C.whom D.who

  15.A.renting B.donating C.owning D.kitchen

  16.A.teacher B.father C.friend D.wife

  17.A.surprised B.great C.terrible D.unrealistic

  18.A.work B.grade C.family D.ability

  19.A.easy B.long C.short D.hurry

  20.A.change B.rewrite C.have D.give up

  21.A.decision B.reason C.excuse D.changes

  22.A.never B.still C.sometimes D.even

  23.A.square B.story C.house D.teacher

  24.A.money B.house C.dream D.hobbies

  25.A.Quickly B.Suddenly C.Unluckily D.Fortunately



  Tom brought a box of biscuits to a summer camp. He ate a few and placed the rest under his bed. After lunch, he found the box was gone. He went to tell his camp __46__ about it.

  The next day, the coach saw a boy eating Tom’s biscuit behind a tree. He __47__ an idea to solve(解决) the problem. He found Tom and said to him, “I know who __48__ your biscuits. Will you help me to teach him a lesson?”

  “Well, yes…are you going to punish __49__, sir?” Tom asked. “No, I am not,” the coach explained __50__. “That would only make him hate you. I want you to write to your mother and ask for more __51__.”

  Tom received another box of biscuits by mail from his mother a few days later. “Now,” said the coach, “go and __52__them with the boy who stole your biscuits.” Tom didn’t understand the coach’s intention, __53__he still followed his advice.

  Half an hour later the coach saw the two boys come up the hill, arm in arm. The boy was trying to ask Tom to __54__his toy robot in payment for (赔偿) the stolen biscuits. And Tom was refusing the gift from his new friend. He said that a few biscuits were not so __55__.

  In some situations, forgiveness (原谅) is better than punishment.

  26.A.cook B. doctor C. coach D.cleaner

  27.A.got on with B.went on with C.came up with D.caught up with

  28.A.took away B. ran away C.went away D.threw away

  29.A.me B. him C. us D. them

  30.A.shyly B. angrily C.excitedly D.patiently

  31.A. gifts B. biscuits C. candies D. toys

  32.A. share B.choose C.divide D. fill

  33.A. if B. but C. since D. though

  34.A.steal B.mend C. make D. accept

  35.A. cheap B. delicious C. different D.important



  Dear Dad,

  Happy birthday to you!

  On this special day, I’d like to talk to you 36 a special way.

  I don’t think I’m good at 37 you my thought (想法)face to face with you, so I’m writing to show my deep love for you.

  You aren’t a rich man or a famous person. But in my heart, you are one of the greatest 38 in the world. I’m 39 you.

  You are 40 interested in fame and wealth (名和利). You do 41 things like paying bills on time, and working as a worker in your factory. The smile on your face shows you are happy with the family. You take good care of my grandparents. You help me with my schoolwork and do some shopping with Mom on Sundays.

  In the past, I didn’t care 42 you were with me or not . Now I am sorry to say I 43 you the respect (尊重) before. But I am thankful for what you have done for me.

  I am quite lucky that I have 44 a great father. I want to let you 45 how much I love. You are a successful as a son, a husband, a father, and a friend.



  36.A.in B. at C. by D. on

  37.A.talking B. saying C. speaking D. telling

  38.A.businessmen B. man C. men D. worker

  39.A.worries about B. proud of(自豪) C. afraid of D. sorry for

  40.A.always B. ever C. already D. never

  41.A.common B. interesting C. wonderful D. popular

  42.A.whether(是否) B. that C. what D. where

  43.A.will show B. don’t show C. didn’t show D. have shown

  44.A. too B. so C. very D. such

  45.A.to know B. know C. knew D. knowing



  When I was nine years old, I used to go to the post office with my mother, sending greeting cards to my aunt in Singapore. To me, these trips were really 16 memories. And receiving mail through a mailbox outside our gate was just as exciting. My small hands could 17 get the mail without using a key! I always couldn’t wait to see how much I was 18 . Oh, a letter! From Singapore! I would run back home and show it to my 19 . When there was a letter for me, I wouldn’t run—I would open it right there.

  After my family moved back to Singapore, I 20 going to the post office. Years later, my company sent me to Shanghai, and the post office found me again. Two years ago I celebrated my 21 with five friends on top of the mountain in Longsheng, China. At sunrise we 22 up to a beautiful view from the mountain top. Later in the afternoon, as we were going 23 the mountain and returning from the sunrise viewing place, a 24 shop caught our attention. It only sold noodles, coffee and had a China 25 sign.

  We asked the owner if she could really send mail. She happily said yes. It seemed hard to believe, 26 we were at the highest top of the mountain. I picked one postcard out and asked my friends to write 27 a birthday note. We bought a stamp, wrote some notes and gave the shop owner the postcard.

  Three weeks later, I arrived home and 28 my mailbox: Hello, postcard! I broke into a big smile.

  That birthday postcard attracted me again to the post office and all its delights. I had 29 the post office all these years. Today I 30 send postcards to friends. And every time I am at the post office buying stamps, I cannot help but smile—how one postcard will make its way across the world and brighten up someone’s day.

  46.A. bad B. poor C. good D. short

  47.A. easily B. simply C. hardly D. specially

  48.A. weighing B. getting C. selecting D. accepting

  49.A. friend B. aunt C. mother D. owner

  50.A. enjoyed B. stopped C. hated D. considered

  51.A. wedding B. return C. success D. birthday

  52.A. broke B. woke C. grew D. stood

  53.A. around B. over C. up D. down

  54.A. cold B. dirty C. small D. modern

  55.A. Traffic B. Life C. Police D. Post

  56.A. because B. though C. while D. when

  57.A. him B. me C. her D. them

  58.A. bought B. repaired C. painted D. opened

  59.A. missed B. influenced C. studied D. visited

  60.A. just B. seldom C. still D. never



  A poor girl was selling flowers in the street 21 Christmas Eve. Her parents were ill, so she 22 get money for food. It was very cold. The girl felt cold and hungry. She stopped 23 a beautiful house. The girl knocked 24 the door and a man came out. She asked 25 he needed some flowers. The man said he didn't want 26 . She left the house and felt tired. She sat down at the 27 of a tall wall. She looked 28 the flowers. 'Ihe flowers 29 very nice. She suddenly had an unusual feeling. She felt she became light, 30 slowly she began to fly into the sky. She 31 higher and higher and at last she found herself on the clouds. A group of people were coming to meet her. At the head of them 32 her granny. She welcomed her and asked her why she didn't 33 .The girl told her that she had to 34 to get money became her parents were badly ill. Granny told her 35 and gave her lots of beautiful clothes and delicious food. The girl laughed 36 .

  It snowed 37 that night. The girl died 38 a smile on her face. 39 , people in the beautiful house began to sing Christmas songs and 40 .

  61.A. in B. on C. at D.(不填)

  62.A. could B. had better C. would like D. had to

  63.A. in front of B. in the front of C. behind D. beside

  64.A. at B. to C. in D. for

  65.A. what B. why C. if D. when

  66.A. some B. any C. nothing D. something

  67.A. head B. foot C. top D. middle

  68.A. for B. up C. (不填) D. at

  69.A. feels B. felt C. smelt D. smells

  70.A. and B. but C. so D. or

  71.A. went B. got C. looked D. flew

  72.A. has B. was C. had D. were

  73.A. get money B. go out C. come to see her D. stay at home

  74.A. fly into the sky B. come here C. sell flowers D. help others

  75.A. didn't worry B. not to worry C. to not worry D. to worry not

  76.A. happy B. happier C. happiest D. happily

  77.A. heavily B. heavy C. largely D. strongly

  78.A. had B. has C. with D. without

  79.A. By the way B. At the same time C. except the girl D. By way

  80.A. looked after the girl B. talked about the girl C. enjoyed themselves D. watched themselves



  Do you have a beautiful dream? I know almost everyone 1 their own dreams in their life. The dreams are very important 2 them. The dreams can make them 3 harder.

  I am studying in a school now. My dream is 4 a teacher in West China. Many Children there want to go to school 5 they can’t. Their families are very poor and the parents have 6 enough money to send their children to school. But going to school and studying is the only 7 to change their life. Teachers are greatly needed there, so I want to be a teacher to help them. I 8 kind to my students and make friends with them.I will give them love and teach 9 how to be a useful person. I think it is a great 10 in the world.

  81.A. has B. have C. is D. are

  82.A. at B. to C. in D. with

  83.A. to work B. to study C. work D. working

  84.A. be B. to make C. to do D. to be

  85. A. and B. but C. or D. so

  86.A. not B. much C. many D. any

  87.A.way B.book C.school D.room

  88. A. am B. will be C. was D. am going to

  89.A. they B. their C. them D. theirs

  90.A. room B. book C. school D. job



  My name is Ben Mansury. I’m fifteen years old and study in a middle school. In school, I never join in any group discussion or stage (舞台) program. So, I never knew what stage nervousness was.

  Our community (社区) has a weekly “Students Ideas” program. About two years ago, I received a(n) 1 from the chairman of our community. He invited me to the “Students Ideas” talk the next morning to speak to the group.

  The time between his call to the next morning was like several weeks for me. The whole night, I could not sleep. Many 2 were coming. One of them was to call the chairman, with regret, and tell him that I could not come. But finally, I thought, if I missed this 3 , the community would never invite me again to any of their programs. So, I decided to go.

  I reached the hall in time. When my turn came and I started, my heartbeat increased and my mouth went dry. I wasn’t even able to 4 the words on the paper properly. I had no idea where I was standing and what I was talking. That was the day when I 5 my biggest weakness: public speaking.

  After I finished, I met with the chairman and 6 what happened to me. He said that this happens to everyone. It is very 7 . He suggested that I should come again the next week.

  I 8 a talk carefully. This time when I gave the talk, I was somewhat comfortable but not confident (自信的). Afterwards, I met with the chairman again and told him about the improvement I 9 I had made. He was kind enough to invite me again.

  For around one month, I practiced a lot for my talk. This time I was feeling comfortable and both the chairman and my neighbors thought I did a good job.

  I learned that everything is 10 if we take the first step, as the saying goes: A journey of thousand miles begins with first step.

  91.A. letter B. call C. card D. email

  92.A. topics B. regrets C. thoughts D. words

  93.A. man B. group C. stage D. chance

  94.A. read B. spell C. see D. recite

  95.A. had B. forgot C. realized D. improved

  96.A. asked B. checked C. explained D. wondered

  97.A. useful B. successful C. difficult D. common

  98.A. wrote B. prepared C. gave D. finished

  99.A. knew B. felt C. believed D. hoped

  100.A. easy B. great C. helpful D. possible