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The evidence for harmony(和谐) may not be obvious in some families. But it seems that four out of five young people now get on with their parents, which is the opposite of the popularly-held image (形象)of unhappy teenagers locked in their room after endless family quarrels.
An important new study into teenage attitudes surprisingly shows that their family life is more harmonious than it had ever been in the past.“We were surprised by just how positive(肯定的) today’s young people seem to be about their families,” said one number of the research team.“They’re expected to be rebellious(叛逆的) and selfish but actually they have other things on their minds:they want a car and material goods,and they worry about whether school is serving them well. There’s more negotiation(商议) and discussion between parents and children,and children expect to take part in the family decision-making process. They don’t want to rock the boat(捣乱).”
So it seems that this generation of parents is much more likely than parents of 30 years ago to treat their children as friends. “My parents are happy to discuss things with me and willing to listen to me,” says 17-year-old Daniel Lazall. “I always tell them when I‘m going out clubbing. As long as they know what I’m doing, they’re fine with me.” Susan Crome, who is now 21, agrees. “Looking back on the last 10 years, there was a lot of what you could call negotiation. For example, as long as I’d done all my homework, could go out on a Saturday night. But I think my grandparents were a lot stricter with my parents than that.”
Maybe this positive view of family life should not be unexpected. It is possible that the idea of teenage rebellion is not rooted in real facts. A researcher comments(评论),“Our surprise that teenagers say they get along well with their parents comes because of a brief period in our social history when teenagers were regarded as different beings. But that idea of rebelling and breaking away from their parents really only happened during that one time in the 1960s when everyone rebelled. The normal situation throughout history has been a smooth change from helping out with the family business to taking it over. ”
小题1:What is the popular images of the teenager today?
A.They worry about school.
B.They dislike living with their parents.
C.They have to be locked in to avoid troubles.
D.They quarrel a lot with other family members.
小题2:The study shows that teenagers don’t want to __________.
A.share family responsibility
B.cause trouble in their families
C.go boating with their family
D.make family decisions
小题3:Compared with parents of 30 years ago, today’s parents ____________.
A.go to clubs more often with their children
B.are much stricter with their children
C.care less about their children’s life
D.give their children more freedom
小题4:According to the writer, teenage rebellion __________.
A.may be a false belief
B.is common nowadays
C.existed only in the 1960s
D.resulted from changes in families
小题5:What is the passage mainly about?
A.Negotiation in family.
B.Education in family.
C.Harmony in family.
D.Teenage trouble in family.



小题1:D 推理题。根据第一段后3行four out of five young people now get on with their parents, which is the opposite of the popularly-held image (形象)of unhappy teenagers locked in their room after endless family quarrels.说明在人们心里还是认为青少年和父母的关系很不好,与父母吵架等等,故D项正确。
小题2:B 细节题。根据第二段最后一句They don’t want to rock the boat(捣乱).”说明B正确。
小题3:D 推理题。根据第三段1,2行So it seems that this generation of parents is much more likely than parents of 30 years ago to treat their children as friends.说明现在的父母亲对待孩子们更友善,把孩子当做自己的朋友,给他们更多的自由空间,故D项正确。
小题4:A 推理题。根据文章最后4行But that idea of rebelling and breaking away from their parents really only happened during that one time in the 1960s when everyone rebelled. The normal situation throughout history has been a smooth change from helping out with the family business to taking it over. ”可知青少年的叛逆情况在以前是很常见的,但是现在的情况以及好多了。现在的青少年与父母关系很融洽,过认为青少年叛逆是一个错误的看法,故A正确。
小题5:C 主旨大意题。本文主要讲述的是现在的青少年与父母的关系很融洽,很少出现以前的叛逆的情况,也不给家里带来麻烦,现代的家庭非常的和谐,故C项符合文章的中心思想。
试题【The evidence for harmony(和谐) may not be obvious in some families. But it seems t】;主要考察你对题材分类等知识点的理解。[详细]
Astronauts on shorter shuttle missions often work very long days. Tasks are scheduled so tightly that break times are often used to finish the day"s work. This type of schedule is far too demanding for long missions on the International Space Station (ISS). ISS crewmembers usually live in space for at least a quarter of a year. They work five days on and two days off to mimic the normal way they do things on Earth as much as possible. Weekends give the crew valuable time to rest and do a few hours of housework. They can communicate with family and friends by email, internet phone and through private video conferences.
While astronauts cannot go to a baseball game or a movie in orbit, there are many familiar activities that they can still enjoy. Before a mission, the family and friends of each ISS crewmember put together a collection of family photos, messages, videos and reading material for the astronauts to look at when they will be floating 370 kilometers above the Earth. During their mission, the crew also receives care packages with CDs, books, magazines, photos and letters. And as from early 2010, the internet became available on the ISS, giving astronauts the chance to do some "web surfing" in their personal time. Besides relaxing with these more common entertainments, astronauts can simply enjoy the experience of living in space.
Many astronauts say that one of the most relaxing things to do in space is to look out the window and stare at the universe and the Earth. Both the shuttle and the ISS circle the planet several times each day, and every moment offers a new view of the Earth"s vast land mass and oceans.
小题1:What does the word "mimic" in Paragraph 1 probably mean?
小题2:Which of the following best describes the families of the astronauts on the ISS?
A.They are impatient and annoyed.B.They are worried and upset.
C.They are caring and thoughtful.D.They are excited and curious.
小题3:In the final paragraph, the author shows that astronauts ________.
A.love to see the Earth from space B.find living in space a bit boring and tiring
C.regard space life as commonD.get more pleasure in space than on the Earth
小题4:The passage mainly discusses how astronauts ________.
A.work for longer missions in spaceB.spend their free time in space
C.observe the Earth from spaceD.connect with people on the Earth

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Much of the water we use comes from snow. Melting snow provides water for rivers, electric power centers and agricultural crops. In the western United States, mountain snow provides up to 75% of all surface water supplies.
Snowfall helps to protect plants and some wild animals from cold, winter weather. Fresh snow is made largely of air trapped among the snow crystals. Because the air has trouble moving, the movement of heat is greatly reduced.
Snow also is known to influence the movement of sound waves. When there is fresh snow on the ground, the surface of the snow takes in, or absorbs, sound waves. However, snow can become hard and flat as it becomes older or if there have been strong winds. Then the snow"s surface will help to send back sound waves. Under these conditions, sounds may seem clearer and travel farther.
Generally, the color of snow and ice appears white. This is because the light we see from the sun is white. Most natural materials take in some sunlight. This gives them their color. However, when light travels from air to snow, some light is sent back, or reflected. Snow crystals have many surfaces to reflect sunlight. Yet the snow does take in a little sunlight. It is this light that gives snow its white appearance.
Sometimes, snow or ice may appear to be blue. The blue light is the product of a long travel path through the snow or ice. In simple terms, think of snow or ice as a filter. A filter is designed to reject some substances, while permitting others to pass through. In the case of snow, all the light makes it through if the snow is only a centimeter thick. If it is a meter or more thick, however, blue light often can be seen.
小题1:How many functions of snow are discussed in the passage?
小题2:Why does snowfall help to protect plants from cold?
A.Because snow crystals contain heat.
B.Because snow crystals have air in them.
C.Because snow crystals are easy to blow away.
D.Because snow crystals send out heat when melting.
小题3:It can be inferred that ______.
A.hard snow is better in protecting wild animals than fresh snow
B.fresh snow is better in sending sound waves than hard snow
C.fresh snow is better in taking in sound waves than hard snow
D.hard snow provides less water than fresh snow
小题4:The color of snow and ice appears white because snow crystals________.
A.send back none of the sunlightB.send back all of the sunlight
C.take in most of the sunlightD.take in some of the sunlight

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Consult the page adapted from an English dictionary and do Questions 68~70.

小题1:Fill in the blank in the sentence “I can’t believe this is Daniel—he’s ______ since we last met! Much taller than the other boys of his age!”
A.shot upB.shot outC.shot throughD.shot down
小题2:When you are talking about unimportant things, we say you are ______.
A.shooting yourself in the foot
B.shooting your mouth off
C.shooting the breeze
D.shooting questions at somebody
小题3:Choose a word to complete the sentence “The ______, which killed a policeman and wounded a passer-by(路人), was reported to have lasted only 13 seconds.”

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Busy senior managers need no longer waste time in showering themselves-an Australian company has invented a suit that can be worn while they wash.
The suit has been specially designed so that it can be cleaned under the showerhead. There is no need for soaking (浸泡),dry cleaning-or even soap.
The Japanese market has taken a liking to the “shower suit”,described as “revolutionary” by its owner Australian Wool Innovation (AWI),which is the research and marketing body that represents Australian wool-growers. Orders have been placed for 170,000 of the woolen suits.
The suit could be worn in the shower,although it was probably better to hang it on a clothes hanger and carry it instead,AWI corporate affairs spokesman Stephen Feighan said.“The idea is that you hang it up and then...you give it a spray (喷雾),and it’s dry the next morning,” Mr Feighan said.
A Japanese researcher working for AWI invented the suit by combining three technologies. The secret is the best lining (内衬),which allows the suit to dry quickly.The shower suit attracted busy corporate people,particularly those who often traveled or stayed up late,Mr Feighan said.The airline industry was also interested.
Mr Feighan confessed he had not worn one of the suits yet,or tried to wash it in the shower,because they cut to fit Japanese figures.AWI believes that the shower suit will spread from the Japanese market through Europe and India. Mr Feighan hoped the suit,made from local wool,would be available in Australia in 12 to 18 months’ time.
小题1:What is the writing purpose of the article?
A.To introduce a newly-designed shower suit.
B.To help the white collars arrange their life more sensibly.
C.To provide suggestions on saving time in bath.
D.To praise AWI for its important achievement.
小题2:Which is true about the suit according to the passage?
A.It can spare the owner’s trouble of soaking,dry cleaning and applying soap.
B.It is of the quality of fast dry for its best cloth.
C.It is not suitable for hanging.
D.It has attracted more orders than any other suit.
小题3:The suit draws the attention from all the following groups EXCEPT________.
A.corporate people who are always on the go
B.people on occasional business trips
C.the airline industry
D.people burning the midnight oil
小题4:Which of the following has much to do with Mr Feighan?
A.The invention of the suit.
B.The try-on of the suit.
C.The combination of the three technologies on the suit.
D.The popularization of the suit and best wishes for it.

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Leadership is the art of getting someone to do something you want done because he wants to do it. People naturally want to follow a good leader. After meeting with an effective leader it is not unusual to feel uplifted(情绪高涨), inspired, and motivated to work towards a common goal.
An effective leader makes others feel good about themselves, as well as the work they are doing. The leader has a vision(幻想)of what he or she wants to achieve, and can communicate that vision to others in a way that makes people want to be part of it. One thing a good leader typically does is to communicate the big picture, so that each employee can see how the particular role he or she plays makes a contribution to the final result.
Good leaders are positive and optimistic when they speak about the future. Their enthusiasm wins them plenty of supporters who help make their vision a reality.
Good leaders also understand that different people are motivated by different things. For employees motivated by a need for achievement, a leader explains how the task offers an opportunity to take on a challenge with an achievable goal. And employees are motivated by hearing how they will be part of a team of people working together.
Good leaders will introduce employees by name first, rather than job titles. They refer to employees as team members, companions, or colleagues, never as “servants”. Words have power, including the power to make people feel whether or not they are important to the success of an organization.
Good leaders believe that every team member matters and set up environments that make everyone feel important. It is no wonder they can attract the support they need to help them achieve their goals.
小题1:What’s the author’s purpose of writing this passage?
A.To tell us how to be a good leader at work.
B.To describe the proper relationship between leaders and employees.
C.To inform us of how leaders and employees should communicate.
D.To show the optimism of a leader.
小题2:What is the most important to be a good leader?
A.A good leader learns art very well.
B.A good leader can promote employees.
C.A good leader can satisfy all his or her employees.
D.A good leader can make employees happy and willing in their work.
小题3:What should a good leader do for an employee who wants to succeed at work?
A.To promote the employee to a leadership role.
B.To draw a beautiful picture of the employee’s future.
C.To encourage the employee to meet the challenges of his work.
D.To let the staff know the important role the employee plays.
小题4:We can infer from the passage that_________.
A.a good leader is always good at creating comfortable working conditions
B.the support of employees is necessary for a leader to reach his goal
C.names are much easier to remember than job titles
D.the motivation of the employees all comes from the leader

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