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As a middle school student of Senior Three, I do sports one and two hours a day, such as doing morning exercises, playing basketball and long-distance running. I think it is real helpful to me. Take exercise makes me even more healthy so that I won’t be ill very often. What’s more, I also get myself relaxing in different kinds of sports. Only in this way I do a better job in my study in high spirit. By doing physics exercise, I’m becoming stronger and confident than ever. I do not think that this is necessary for everyone to spend a little time on sports every day because people’s health is the most important one in modern life.

小题1:第一个and 改为or

小题4:sb be relaxed感到放松的
小题8:根据后面的 than 可知,此处是比较的意思
试题【短文改错As a middle school student of Senior Three, I do sports one and two hours a 】;主要考察你对数词等知识点的理解。[详细]
One reason Americans eat so many calories is that we tend to eat large portions(分量). Studies find that hamburgers and fries are generally offered in serving sizes two to five times larger than the appropriate meal size. Researchers find we usually clean our plates no matter how high they"re piled, even if we already feel satisfied. See the suggestions below to further master the fine art of sizing up(估量) your snacks and suppers.
Extremely large portions are one possible reason Americans continue getting fatter even as the percentage of our total calories from fat has gone down in recent years. Fortunately, portions are relatively simple to control because it"s easier to count cookies than calories or grams of fat.
Pre-picture portions. Use familiar objects to picture how much you should eat of a food before you pick up your fork or spoon. For example, a half cup of low-fat granola is about the size of your fist. A half cup of low-fat ice cream equals half an orange.
Use a smaller dish. This tip might sound ridiculous, but it works. First and most obvious is that you can"t put as much food on, say, a salad plate. But psychologically, you"re just not as prone to eat as heartily and quickly if your plate will be empty in 45 seconds.
Have raw vegetables at every meal. Raw cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, and peppers have few calories and lots of nutrients. A plate of them in the middle of the table almost always gets eaten up, cutting down appetite for the more calorie-dense meat.
Start your meal with soup. Studies show that a bowl of soup at the start of the meal reduces overall meal consumption, since they are lowest in calories and highest in nutrients.
Manage your fork. After every bite of food, put your fork down. Don"t pick it up until you have thoroughly chewed and swallowed the previous bite. The goal is both to slow down your eating and to eat less. Remember: Your body needs 20 minutes of digestion before it sends signals to your brain that you are no longer hungry.
Helpful hints on how to get a handle on the how-much factor
Hamburgers and fries served in restaurants are generally two to five times the小题1:______of the proper ones.
Americans usually clean their plates 小题2:______high they"re piled, even if they are already satisfied
Americans continue getting fatter even as they have
eaten小题3:______calories from fat in recent years.
a. Use小题5:______objects to imagine how much you should eat of a food before a meal.
b. Use a smaller dish and thus eat 小题6:_____.
c. Have raw vegetables at every meal to cut down 小题7:______    for the more calorie-dense meat.
d. Start your meal with 小题8:______to reduce meal consumption.
e. Put down your fork at小题9:______to make sure your brain receives小题10:______that you’re full.

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Goals are the guides all through our life. We all have goals that we are moving towards and making a great effort to achieve. This is a good thing. Or can it be bad? How many of us never reach our goals and yet we have tried so hard and really thought about nothing else? I believe the mistake most of us make is that we do not focus on our present situation.
Let me explain. Most of us see our present situation as a stepping stone that we use simply as a means of reaching our final destination. We don’t take time to truly appreciate where we are today and all the great things we already have in our lives. We should focus our attention on the journey and not on the destination, or we will miss the beautiful scenery along the way.
Let’s use our job as an example. Now most of us want a promotion. We have plans to become the manager or general manager in our companies. Unfortunately, most of us will never reach the goal, but will watch others achieve our goal instead.
What we should be doing is focusing on the job we are currently in now. Forget where we want to get to and just focus on the present. You see, what we can control is our performance in our current job. We can decide to be the best we possibly can in our current job. Now this may mean further education to have the skills we currently do not have. It may mean working harder to produce better results than our colleagues. It could simply be a change of attitude, such as stopping complaining and becoming a more devoted and supportive employee. By doing our current job to the best of our abilities, we in fact give ourselves the best chance of promotion.
So the best thing for all of us to do to achieve our goals is to just focus on what we have and where we are now. Do the best and be the best we possibly can in our current situations, and we will give ourselves the very best chance of reaching our goals in the future. We have heard the old sayings and they are true: “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”, “Patience is a virtue”, and so on.
Have patience, have appreciation of what we already have, and take time to help ourselves be the very best we can. Do these things and we will all reach our goals, but more importantly, we will enjoy our life every day.
Focus on the present
To (76) ______ our goals, we should focus on what we have and where we are now.
Common (77)______
﹡We do not focus on our present situation.
﹡Most of us see our present situation as a stepping stone to our final destination.
﹡We do not spend the time truly (78)______ where we are today and what we already have in our lives.
(79)______—our job
﹡(80)______ the thought of getting promoted. What we should do is (81)______ our best to do our current job.
﹡To be the best in our current job, we should get further education, work harder than (82)______, stop complaining and (83)______ ourselves to our job.
If we are (84)______, grateful for what we have, and take time to help ourselves be the very best we can, we can not only (85)______ in the future, but also enjoy our life every day.

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effect,            impress,               transform,              unique,
emphasize        feature,                ruin,                   mercy,
ancestor,         persuade,               ban,                   solution
小题1:There are no simple _______to the problem of overpopulation(人口过剩).
小题2:The report ______the importance of improving safety standards.
小题3:He _________his daughter to change her mind.
小题4:Parents worry about the _______________of music on their adolescent’s behavior.
小题5:An earthquake left the whole town in ___________.
小题6:What _________him most was their speed.
小题7:Smoking __________in the building.
小题8:Success and wealth _________ his character.
小题9:An important _____________ of Van Gogh’s paintings is their bright colors.
小题10:Lions and house cats evolved (进化)from a common ____________.
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come out,            be use to,            at times,            experiment with,
be expected to,        work with,           be deep in thought,    fix one’s eyes on,
put up,               be related to,         hold one’s breath,    dream of
小题1:The cat _________________ while it was getting near the mouse.
小题2:The rise in crime ________________________ the increase in unemployment.
小题3:A lot of posters __________along the street to promote the new film when it comes out.
小题4:The workers _______________new ways in the early reform to improve the quality of the product.
小题5:He doesn’t like thinking. He ____________________ being given the answers by teachers.
小题6:The old carpenter spends most of his life _____________wood.
小题7:The repairing work of the teaching building _________________be finished in three months.
小题8:Happiness is the theme of life, although it can be hard ___________________________.
小题9:The man ___________________becoming an astronaut and flying into space when he was young.
小题10:When the film star appeared, all the people ____________________her.
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Each year there is an increasing number of cars as millions of new cars are produced in America. Americans will not live without cars! However, some have realized the serious problem of air pollution by cars. It is necessary to find ways to solve the problem of air pollution.
One way to clean the air is to build a new kind of clean car. That’s what several of the large car factories are trying to do. But to build a clean car is easier said than done. Progress in this field has been slow.
Another way is to take the place of the car engine by something else. Engineers are now working on it. Many makers believe that it will take years to develop a practical model for us.
To prevent the world being polluted by cars, Americans have to make some changes in the way of their life. They have to cut down on the number of their cars and are encouraged to travel and go to work by bike. But this change does not come easily. Many workers may find themselves without jobs if a car factory closes down. And the problem of their pollution would become less important than that of unemployment.
Americans may live a happy but sad life for a long time because of the car problem.
Cars and Pollution in American
Building a new kind of 57._______.
Progress in this field is slow.
Americans may live a   60._______
It takes years to develop a 59._______
Cutting down on the number of cars
Many workers may
lose their jobs
Traveling and going to work by bike.

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